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Or it could be that, when Smith tried to come out last year, Fox silenced and punished him.In the summer of 2013, according to multiple sources with knowledge of their exchange, Shepard Smith approached Fox News president Roger Ailes about publicly coming out.

Yet Smith’s demotion wasn’t actually Ailes’s idea to begin with.

Women of this type are naturally slim with smaller breast and hips. She’s definitely one of the hottest babes on Fox News Channel.

Check out also measurements of Maria Molina, Nicole Petallides, and Heather Childers.

However, her first job on TV was a reporter in Bloomberg Television.

In 2007, Smith started working for FOX Business Network.

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Nor was Ailes very surprised when Smith finally approached him.

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  1. If you’re wondering, nope it’s still not updated (at time of writing). The show’s had a string of surprising guests recently, having yesterday featured Katie Price with her son Harvey and mum Amy for a full family outing.