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But, in december 2010, the Farro brothers left the band.Hayley (as a founding member of the band Paramore) released her first album All We Know Is Falling on July 26, 2005 via “Fueled by Ramen”.Wiki info Atlantic decided to go along with her wishes, and she then formed Paramore with Josh Farro, Zac Farro, and Jeremy Davis.The music of Paramore was originally supposed to come out on Atlantic Records, but the label's marketing department decided it would be better for the image of the band to not have them attached to a huge label.Josh Farro, born Joshua Neil Farro on September 29, 1987 (age 29), in Voorhees, New Jersey, and brother of drummer Zac Farro.He was Paramore's first lead guitarist and backing vocalist for Paramore.In some pictures it looks like they might have been dating, but then they could obviously just be really, really close friends. It's also rumored that the reason they broke up was because Josh wanted to go public but Hayley didn't...Full name: Joshua Neil Farro DOB: September 29, 1987 Joshua (Josh) is the lead guitarist of the band Paramore. random facts: - was the screamer on Paramore's album All We Know Is Falling - enjoys mozzarella cheese - has been rumored to date the singer of Paramore, Hayley Williams, though the REAL fans know this isn't true - prefers Eminem to 50 cent Josh has said himself that he can come off as hostile, but is a kind person.

"Maybe one day we'll be really good friends again and be able to hang out, but as of right now it's taking those next steps of 'Okay at first it was raw and nobody wanted to talk to each other' and now I feel we're at that stepping stone where we can be in each other's presence and it's good now and everybody feels great, but maybe that next step is hanging out. Maybe it's in the near future." As for re-joining Paramore, Farro emphasised that he is currently focused on releasing new solo music, but that he has thought about the idea.He returned to Paramore for the ongoing Spring Tour.Josh and his brother left the band in mid-December, 2010.== Life after Paramore == Later that year, Josh announced the (self) title of his solo project, Farro.His first single "Color Rush" was released that November, along with another single "Cliffs".

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