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Dean Stewart-Curry, lead for the Navy Equal Opportunity program."Navy leadership wanted Navy personnel to be clear on the fact that the policy also applies to joint services, as well as foreign militaries." Fraternization, generally, refers to personal relationships between officer and enlisted members that are unduly familiar.Examples of unduly familiar relationships include dating, sharing an apartment or house, engaging in intimate behavior, gambling, and borrowing money.These types of relationships are prohibited because they undermine the respect for authority that is essential to the Navy's ability to accomplish its mission.The regulation was somewhat losely enforced in the late 80's.At a remote assignment I had from 1988 to 1989 an officer was having a relationship with an enlisted women.In other words, if Sailors see an officer having one of those types of relationships with an enlisted Sailor, they might wonder whether the officer is giving preferential treatment to that Sailor in situations like duty assignments or special privileges, which could create morale problems.

This question may very well apply to Active Duty as well, as it leads to some larger ones of, "What actually constitutes fraternization / what is the intent?

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Use the following form to provide feedback as we continue to work toward a more robust solution to best meet your needs: https:// Survey I'm sure lots of cadets leave a girlfriend/boyfriend back home when they arrive at USAFA.

That even includes one LTC, because during the week he is "Mister so-and-so the UA" not "LTC So-and-so." Thus, can he really be told he can't socialize with his coworkers because they, too, happen to be Reservists?

Or, should there be more relaxed standards in the Reserves, so long as it doesn't disrupt order and discipline?

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